Sunday, January 9, 2011


I am sick with a stomach bug and would really appreciate it if the kids could stop pooing for a while. Changing diapers when you are feeling queasy is not so much fun.

I was worse yesterday and spent most of the day really furious at DH because as per is the norm, he did nothing for me or the kids. So I struggled through the night and morning and at lunch time just went to bed. He was better in the afternoon. What is it about guys and that insane lack of empathy. Anyhow, he phoned today to see if I was doing better. I am, but I am still sick which make looking after Mimi and Pip a bit physically demanding. Luckily we are at the near the end of the day. One more feed, bath book and good night my lovelies.
For some reason Pip was up every two hours last night, screaming his heart out. I think he had stomach ache also. Lets pray for a quiet night tonight.

I am so not going to work tomorrow. I am staying in my bed, with the radio on low and a big bottle of ginger ale.


  1. Oh EB -- being sick and taking care of a baby (let alone 2) is the worst! I hope they go straight to sleep and you feel better soon. With love,

  2. So sorry to hear that you are sick! Take care and here's hoping you feel better very soon. Hang in there!