Friday, June 4, 2010

Why I love my caveman

My DH is a caveman. He has always had a room that has served as his studio and he spends hours upon happy hours editing and creating in there. We have a bookcase full of awards that testify to his passion and talent.

Today, my caveman has relinquished his cave. He has systematically emptied it out over the past month and now there are three guys in there with scrapers and chisels and paint and 'what-not'. By tonight, my sweetie's cave will be a baby room.

I often forget how much my partner has to give up, change or alter in his life to accommodate our pregnancy. As I expand, his space recedes. I know he is in equal parts excited and terrified. Giving up his creative space is a huge psychological gift to our family. I hope I never forget how loving an act this has been on his behalf. It represents so much. He didn't go to Haiti after the earthquake because we were pregnant. He didn't go on his yearly expedition because we are pregnant. He hasn't travelled for his passion (photography) at all this year because we are pregnant or will be parents. Photography is his soul, its his world and he has quietly put it to one side to protect and love me and to build a home for our monkeys.

That's why I love my caveman.


  1. How sweet, honorable, and respectful of him.

    I hope he finds another place (in your home or out) that he can call his own. I know with my husband, it is critical for his overall happiness to have a man-cave.

    He will have much to photograph with the arrival of your babies and hopefully, once you all settle into your new family dynamic you will both also find ways to fulfill your life's other passions.

  2. Makes your heart all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it? It's sweet to see the warm, gentle side of the men. You must be excited to get the nursery under way!