Saturday, June 26, 2010

Raining and pouring ...

The shower was SO MUCH FUN!!! We had it at a french cafe on 11th and Broadway, great coffee and naughty food for everyone.

There was a terrific turn out and everyone was generous and thoughtful in their gift giving. We got lots of the little onesie's things and socks and hats etc. We got a big furry lady bug and bumblebee which will be favourites for years, I can just tell. We got a puj tub (new baby bath design) and a soothing chair.
Then there were the creative presents. One of our friends is a writer. He dedicated on of his published poems to our kids and framed it for us (of course, I burst into tears). My dear baker friend made two cakes - a ginger cake and malt chocolate cake - and cut them into bite size bits!!! YUMMMMMMMMY.

There are times when the generosity of others, the love and attention of family is just overwhelming. No-one at the table was technically related to either one of us (somewhat fitting for donor babies) but they are all aunts and uncles to our little ones.

I am so happy and blessed and grateful for what has been given to us. Not the presents, but the kids and all the love that goes along with them.

DH shed a tear, totally overwhelmed by love. I said "get used to it" and started planning our first thanksgiving meal with the kids and the non bio family!!

HAve a happy weekend :-)


  1. So wonderful that you have such awesome friends! Glad you enjoyed your shower - you have much to celebrate! xxoo

  2. What I mostly like is the sound of over-joy-edness in your voice! The shower, the gifts, the love all sound just perfect! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And it's fun to cart all the new goodies home and examine them again, isn't it?! Blessings all around. :)

  3. Glad you had a great shower. Mine was so much fun. All the cute, tiny things! I looooooove malt! Can you get the malt chocolate cake recipe? Mmmmmmmmmm!