Friday, June 18, 2010

fear and loathing in NYC

My fat cat gets fed twice a day. 1/4 cup at 6pm and 1/4 cup at 6am. I tend to do the am feed. So this morning I go in and feed her, sit on the loo and come face to face with the worst of all things... a cockroach.

Now I am not afraid of many things. I have fears (such as my kids getting hurt or DH being harmed etc) but I am not irrationally afraid of those things. I do have an irrational fear of those loathsome little shits - cockroaches. Since I moved into this apartment, 3 years ago, we have had only 1. It was a monster (I think they are referred to as water bugs) and I cried for 4 hours after seeing it. This morning's interloper was not so big. I still screamed. I still worried if I was gonna puke and in the end I decided "i can deal with this".

I got the windex (as instructed by husband some time ago) and sprayed the creepy little sod. It still squirmed and all but I managed to get the paper towels on top of it. I tried picking it up and it scampered away shooting out from under the paper. Hell I let out a scream! Then I grabbed the windex, threw the paper towels on top of it and battered it to death, screaming all the way.

I had done it. I had beaten the disgusting little offense and taken a huge step towards overcoming a serious and embarrassing phobia.

I think I got my strength from my little monkeys. They were cheering me on all the way!!


  1. What a weird thing - I found 1 cockroach last week also and totally freaked. DH had to kill it as I wasn't going near the little bastard. And every day since, I have to check everywhere to make sure there aren't 'others' lurking about. Horrible bugs. Welcome summer!

  2. That's pretty funny. I have no deathly fear of bugs. But cockroaches do disgust me and they must die. This from a woman who NEVER kills other bugs. I always slip on my rubber kitchen gloves, grab them and gently put them on a bush outside.

    Now, tell me I have to do some public speaking and I hyperventilate and begin to cry like a little girl and beg not to be a part of it. Then I make a plan that involves Xanax and a beta blocker so I can get through a 3 minute public speaking episode.

  3. Just - ew. You are braver than me!