Thursday, June 3, 2010

3rd Trimester. Day 1

Dr be damned. Thank you guys! Talked me off yet another ledge. I have to trust the docs and I will. I will, I will, I will!!

Wow, 3rd trimester. I have 8 to 10 weeks left of being pregnant. After all it took to get this way it seems to be flying by. I saw myself in a mirror today and do I have a belly!! I look hilarious. I tend not to wear maternity clothes, now that Empire waists are everywhere. I do have one shirt that makes me look like I am 10 months pregnant with elephants which I wear to any meeting with my boss so he takes pity on me :-) Baby A is still high up and Baby B is low down so I have 2 pregnancy bellies.

I am going to start to pack my hospital bag this weekend (I love to pack!) I bought a blow up double nursing pillow, lavender oil and rosemary oil, comfy socks, a silly book, my travel pack of bathroom stuff, huge sanitary pads that were recommended at one of the many classes , two pillow cases, eye shades and earplugs, and there is so much more to go!

I am holding off packing the stuff the kids will need till last. I want DH and I to do it together. DH is still in panic mode but I am buzzing with excitement. I am close to meeting my kids. I am close to holding them and kissing them, feeling their soft skin and munching on their tiny toes. I am not letting any worries dominate this last bit of anticipation. I can't believe that they will be in my arms in a matter of weeks. I started worrying that it would all get taken away from me, now that we are close to the finish line but you are all so wise, I can't give in to that bullsh#t. I get to see them again on Saturday. Little boy head is such a cutie and girl is all wiggly and jives when she is poked. My little monkey's. Is it possible to love them already? Well, I guess it is :-)


  1. Of course it's possible to love them already! You are so excited - you're making me excited. I have periods of being 'down' since I'm so big and uncomfortable that doing anything just sucks, that reading this post made me perk right up. You're right - we're meeting our kids in a few weeks - how cool is that??? I can't wait either. AND - you've spurred me into action. I'll be packing my bags this weekend.

  2. Congrats on arriving to the 3rd trimester!

  3. Where did you find the inflatable double nursing pillow? It sounds like a necessity to me.

  4. I love your excitement! Yes, the time is nearing! Happy 3rd tri! It's like a walk down memory lane for me...remembering my own excitement as I packed my bags. The fun of anticipation! I'm getting so excited for you, EB!