Friday, June 11, 2010

Holy stroller batman

We did it! We went out and bought a stroller (City Select) . This is a great stroller for NY and handles really well. I love strollers and I am so excited about having the kids in there, the Star.bucks in the cup holder and strolling down to the market for some lunch items.

The stroller made it all feel so real. I mean apart from the kicking and the sleeplessness and the damn peeing!! We are getting to the doing bit which suits me much better than the planning bit. On the whole I feeling pretty good physically. I have put on about 25 pounds through healthy foods (ok, yes, plus the daily indulgence of a slice of cake or some English chocolate) and my back is holding out quite well. Hope I can keep this up.

As we get closer, I am a bit sorry that my family are a very far away. My mother hasn't seen my belly grow at all but then ... maybe that's a good thing. Just feels a bit lonely sometimes. My mum suggested we set up a sk.ype thing - I thought so she could see the kids but it turns out she was thinking free phone calls. Ah well. Perhaps the idea of having family around is better than the reality!!


  1. what a great stroller! It really makes it more real, doesn't it? We have goodies piling up near out front door - it seems that every few days F.ed Ex. is here with another package, making it all seem more real. Glad you're feeling great and are so happy!

  2. What stroller is this?? I can't tell from the pic!


  3. That is the coolest double stroller I have ever seen! You and your kids are going to be the trendiest trio walking down the streets of Manhattan! I can't believe you've only gained 25 pounds - good job! With just one bambino, I gained 35-40 by week 39. Egads. Sorry your missing your mum during the pregnancy. Hopefully she'll get to enjoy lots of photos.