Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weight Issue @29 weeks (update)

+++ update: cervix is still 2.70, not great but not terrible++++

I weighed myself this morning and got a shock. Now, I have eaten chocolate and cake and milk shakes etc so I have no excuses. I shall be more conscious about eating 'good' foods even tho the idea of salad turns my stomach!

I'm wondering if some of the weight was gas. No seriously. Yesterday for lunch I made a strategic blunder - egg salad sandwich and lentil soup. Oh yes, my friends, I suffered. I am not prone to gas but about 4 o'clock I was tooting away!! I couldn't keep the gas under control - it was ridiculous and quite painful. Thank goodness it was mostly conference calls.

THings are better today and I shall weigh myself again tomorrow to see if I have lost any toot weight. In total, according to this mornings dreadful count, I am at 28.4 pounds. It doesn't sound much for a twin pregnancy but I am supposed to have a total count (at 38 weeks) of about 30 - 35 pounds. I am supposed to have only gained 19 pounds by now. oooooops.

It's tricky though, isn't it. I want to eat to get my guys to be big and strong. The docs are saying eat, don't diet, BUT don't put on more than a pound a week. I shall cut out or down on the 'bad foods' and increase the good stuff and see how that goes. Besides, sugar gives me serious heartburn now - viscous shooting acid, like in a sci fi film.

I am having another cervix check today coz it had shrunk so much last week. Fingers crossed.


  1. You are doing great! I wouldn't worry TOO much about the weight gain. It's more important that your babies put on weight at this time. Did you get the book "When you're expecting twins, triplets or Quads" by Dr. Barbara Luke? It is awesome. She gives you guidelines and one of them is to gain 40lbs by the 28th week. You're doing great. It's so hard to eat foods that sound horrible right now - I haven't had a salad in ages. Good luck and stay positive! You're doing great!

  2. I will be checking back to see if you post an update on the cervix measurement.

    Hope all is well.

  3. "toot weight"!!! My new favorite phrase!! Good luck on the cervix check.