Sunday, June 20, 2010


We have bought the cribs, stroller and got a registry together but there isn't that much stuff actually in the apartment. The cribs and stroller will be delivered in July and the rest of the gear we will order once the shower is over next weekend.

Today that all changed

I went to Di, and ordered about 500 diapers to be delivered on Tuesday.

It feels like I am being risky! It feels like I am tempting fate and need to back off. I feels like we are going to be sinking most of our disposable income into diapers for the next year or so!!!!

All we really need now are the bambino's.

I spoke to DH finally about his debbie downer routine. I told him I missed laughing with him, I missed his dreadful sense of humour and his truly awful jokes. I told him that once we are back from the hospital it is 100% his responsibility to help me avoid getting depressed and overwhelmed. He was wonderful. There were tears, of course, but then there was lots of laughter. We met for lunch today (he works on Sundays) and he was still funny and smiling.

I am so lucky to have found this man, so lucky to be important to him and to feel the same way about him.

C'mon monkeys, grow big and healthy so we can all hang out together.

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  1. Your husband is a good man. He adores you - that's clear. He will be an awesome father and an awesome partner to raise your children with. I'm happy for you that you have such a wonderful spouse. xxoo