Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Waiting to get a cab this morning, hand in the air, scouring the horizon for those speedy yellow death traps and a cop car pulls up next to me and without warning flashes his light and sounds his siren. I mean, this car was right next to me, door to hip.

I am surprised I didn't drop my monkeys there and then.

He was all "I'm a NY cop" attitude when I looked at him. No word of apology, no recognition that he had just noise blasted a highly pregnant women. He had targeted the disabled driver of the van I was standing in front of. What a twat!!!

So I got his number. I phoned in the complaint under 'serious health threat' (ex-boyfriend was a NY cop and he told me what to write) and whilst I know nothing will happen, it does get recorded to be used against him if needed. I hope the guy get piles from sitting on his fat cop arse in his loud cop car

ok, feeling better now

thank you for listening.

normal service will resume next post.


  1. I hate to sound like this, but I really hate cops. I mean, was that REALLY necessary? Jesus. They don't use common sense. "to protect and to serve" yeah right.
    Sorry for your shitty morning. When are you going out on leave?

  2. Not sure. I'm trying to work from home 2 days a week but if my cervix has shortened any more I think dr k will be pretty swift in the bedrest orders.

  3. Good for you for following through. I always mean to in those situations, but I get lazy.