Sunday, June 6, 2010

August 12th

That is my adjusted due date. August 12th. Wow! Given the heat today here in NYC I can see I shall have a very 'indoors' type of June/July and August!! I managed to go to the supermarket for lovely fresh fruit (eaten most of it already!!) had a bite to eat with DH and that is about it. I am totally wiped and so is my fat cat. As I type she is stretched out as far as she can get gazing at me with a look that says "hey, human, make it cooler!!"
If I could my furry little love I would.

What can I do to get through this hot summer???


  1. Oh I will come back to see the comments to this post frequently. I am so hot and uncomfortable - my hands are swollen so bad that I can barely curl my fingers. And my house is cold with the central A/C - poor DH walks around in sweats! I keep thinking I only have 5 more weeks - but how to entertain yourself indoors for so long? Good luck!

  2. Mmmmm, make pureed frozen fruit bars, eat one and then take a cool bath and sprinkle youself with baby powder. I remember hot, sticky summers in upstate NY when I was a kid. I'd lie on my belly on the floor in front of a fan and talk into the whirring breeze to make my voice sound funny. But seeing as you can't lay on your belly...go with the fruit bars!

  3. Ohh, cool cloths on the back of the neck and wrists. A nice fan. Feet up as much as possible!

  4. Come visit me in WA state - it is freezing!!! Actually it is finally warming up, but really non-existant spring.

    I agree with the fan and cool washcloth thing - drink LOTS of what makes you happy (sugar free lemonade was my fav). I used to go to the mall/movies just for the a/c. When I was in school we would all sleep in the practice rooms cuz no one had a/c at home...good luck!

  5. It seems like just yesterday you were bummed this hadn't worked and now you have a due date scheduled. Time flies!