Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sleep training for cats

My bloody cat kept me awake all night. I could kill her. It's like someone sitting with a pin and pricking you in the back or head every hour.

Susan asked what we did to get the kids sleeping through the night. Well, we worked on the day routine. EASY - Eat, activity, sleep, you time x4.
I concentrate on 3 solid meals and 4 bottles per day. So if need be I will wake them up before I go to bed for a bottle.

At first they screamed blue murder at nap time and bedtime. we would take turns to be in the room, calming (not picking up) and reading. We must have read about 50 books! After 5 days of being back from the UK they slept through the night for the first time but resisted naps in the day. Now, they are napping in the day and still sleeping through the night without too much resistance.

TO be honest, I think our wonderful nanny had more to do with this than I. I kept getting panic or anxiety attacks when they screamed. How crap is that!!!

Now, if I can just get my damn cat to stop waking me up I shall enjoy a full nights sleep.

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  1. LOL.. I have the same problem. I haven't solved it yet, but it does help if you feed them a lot (the cats) right before you go to bed!