Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's political ...

So, if you have been reading this post for a while you may have gathered that I tend to research things and I am waaaaay left of center.

Mother's Day, it turns out is quite a political day in the North American area which pleased me no end.

In 1870 Julia Ward Howe decided that women had a political responsibility to shape the societies around us and that this day would be a celebration of that hard work. Anna Jarvis, a few years later created and fostered "Mother's Day". The apostrophe is deliberately placed so we (society) are forced to celebrate each and every mother, not mothering (in the UK its called Mothering Sunday). Who knew that such an event had it's roots in radical feminism!!

In today's climate I argue that it's all Mother's we should celebrate - those who want to be, those who are and those that were.  Our intentions are all the same - to be a mother, to raise, to take responsibility.

So here I stand on my soapbox to proclaim a happy Mother's Day one and all!

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