Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Early rising

Thank you for all the comments, its good to hear that I'm not the only one. It was a relief to write it down and a bigger relief to see others felt the same way.

Sooooooo, I'm getting a bit tired of this 5 am thing. Did your kids eventually sleep later on their own or did you have to train them to adjust? Imagine if they went to bed at 7pm and got up at 7am ....oh man. Even tho I go to bed early I rarely sleep till about 11pm. I could be dead on feet all day and then lay awake till 11pm. Maybe I need the sleep trainer!!!


  1. My son was an early riser, 5 AM on the dot for months and months (and I tried everything: moving bed time later, earlier, cutting nap time down, moving nap time etc. to no avail). Eventually though we got a Good Nite Lite (we actually received it as a gift from a friend when he turned one but didn't start using it with any success until he was two) and eventually began moving his 'wake' time (when the blue moon glows as an orange sun) later and later (in 15 min increments) until we got to 7:00. Now, no matter what time he actually wakes up, he doesn't come out of his room until 7, when 'my moon turned orange, mommy.". My son is now 4.

    And, you better believe that I programmed myself to be asleep by 11 but sometimes even by 10!

  2. I'll be watching the responses on this post because we have the SAME EXACT problem!!

  3. We have very slowly started going later right after the time change but now that is getting lighter sooner in the morning again they seem to waking up earlier again but i refuse to go get them until 6:15am.