Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sleep Yoga

Little boy has a cold. Sunday night was brutal with the hourly screaming festival - think of a sadistic cookoo clock and a heart broken mamma and that was Sunday night.  Of course, I had to work on Monday and barely made it through the day (5 strong coffee's helped) and then to bed at 8ish. Is there anything as sweet as getting into bed when you are totally knackered. I looked at the clock in the middle of the night and it read 4.37am and I was almost in tears thinking 'made it'.

Mimi is really a 'zen' sleeper. She starts on her back, then curls around and draws Gem (teddy) to her and as the night progresses she does this 'bum in the air' thing that makes me melt.

Pip however curls, sprawls and everything in between. He does sleep yoga!! I was thinking that we should write a little story about it - pretend 'how to' or self help book.

What are you all doing for Memorial weekend? What is there to do with infants in NY? Any ideas?


  1. First of all, congrats on the 5k! I am way behind in my comments. I think a 5k with twins is more like a 7k - yah?

    Funny how kids sleep. My Scout is a sleep inchworm. Starts on his back. Rolls onto belly, knees drawn up, bum in the air. Then through the night he inches his way to the head of the crib. Where he eventually gets wedged in a corner.

    Ahhh, long weekend. No special plans here. Maybe BBQ at home, mostly time with Scout. Thinking of taking him to the zoo for the first time.

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