Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ramping up to The Great Slim Down

I know I have written this post a few times in the past months but this time I mean it!
Saturday is WW weigh-in day. Day 1 of 'The Great Slim Down'. I am fucking HUGE at the moment. I have no clothes that fit other than maternity clothing which lets face it, 9 months after you give birth, is sad.  I mean, I still look 6 months pregnant.


Saturday I go to WW.
Monday at 6am I go to the gym. Since I'm totally crap about getting to the gym in the evening these days I've decided to go work out at 6 - 6.45am during the week. DH has the kids at that time and I usually go back to bed to sleep. I've decided I would rather be less fat and more tired.

If I go to the gym every week for three months I shall then ask my DH for a personal trainer for my birthday.

If I get down to my pre-pregnancy weight I shall have the plastic surgery that I want - basically  aggressive liposuction and cutting off the belly fat. Sounds horrible, will feel horrible but I will get a flat tummy and it will help me get to my goal weight...

... and IF I get to goal I am buying a diamond & emerald eternity ring :))))))))



  1. I am down 40# through WW but have been at the same weight for the last two months. I am recommitted to losing this other 25 lbs and it feels a bit like starting over, only I know what I need to do.

    Best of luck with your weigh in tomorrow.

    Visit the website for GREAT WW recipes.

    When I lose this final 25 and see what my boobs really do, I may get a lift.

  2. You go girl! I'm down 13# ever so slowly with WW online...still have farrrrr to go. I love your incentive plan. I should think of what I get at each goal - hard to believe I haven't done that! Good luck!