Wednesday, May 4, 2011

concert week shinanigans

Concert week. Friday night  we sing 'The Sea Symphony'. At least the rest of the choir will sing the Symphony and I shall kind of be along for the ride! I know about 90% of the work, there is are a couple of bars that confound me and I shall just fake it.

Our wonderful nanny has to be out for a couple of days this week. Yikes. So I took today off and  agreed that her cousin would come in for Thursday.  However, the cousin turned up this morning. I really need to work on my communications skills. I feel kind of weird telling A. what to do and I think its because she's older than I am. Maybe it's coz she is Jamaican and I feel like we are in a chapter of 'The Help'. Ahhh bleeding heart liberal. Whatever the reason my crappy communication skills just cost us money we don't have.


It does mean that I have the perfect opportunity to go to the gym.
It also means I can spend more time writing my analysis for work.
It also means I can have a nap
It also means I can go to T.rader Joe's.

What a great frikkin' balls up. 

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  1. Sounds like it was meant to be! Hope you get all the good stuff done. I love the Sea SYmphony, wish we had a chorale to do stuff with. We are playing Scherazade next week - that's some fun stuff!