Sunday, May 22, 2011

My first 5K... our first 5K

We sped past the finish line in a staggering 27.59mins... oh wait I mean 59. 27mins!!!! There were tons of people and try as I might, a double stroller gets you stuck in the slow as crap lane. You know what - I loved it. I found a couple of friends that were walking and we spent most of the time cracking up. I did a slow jog home which gave me a mile or so work out. 

What a blast.
I have a race bib!!! Me!!! My kids have a mum with a race bib. 

Mimi and Pip were amazing. They slept most of the way around and although we have major teething today no screaming or unhappiness. 

So, we did our first 5K. Next weekend we are going to do the course again but without the sea of people. I would like to know what its like to actually you know, run the course! 


  1. excellent! I give you a lot of credit! I would have been terrified of meltdowns for that long of a walk. haha

  2. You came in under an hour. With a double stroller. In a sea of people! Hurray! You go girl :)

  3. Wow!! What a wonderful accomplishment. Keep up the good work. One year post singleton birth and I am at my delivery weight. Ugh!!