Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sleep is sweet

They are still doing it. The whole night long. They go down at 5 or 6 pm and the next thing I know its 5am and the yelling starts. I can even get them to stay in bed till 5.30 to 6am. Seriously.
Since I am sleeping longer stretches my depression is starting to lift although the anxiety is still hanging on. I figure if I can get to the gym regularly that too will bugger off.

We were supposed to go to a kid's event today. We got all the way downtown to see that there were steep steps leading up to the venue. WTF??? We bailed and by the time we got home # 1 son was ready to go to bed - I lay him down and he just went straight to sleep.
# 1 daughter was a little more  reticent so I took her to my bed and we slept all cuddled up for an hour or so. She sweats like a sumo wrestler on a race course so we both need to have a bath tonight but it's so worth it. She is the best cuddle.

Here's a question for you. She makes these smacking sounds with her mouth. I don't think its hunger since she does it straight after food. Anyone else had this? I'm wondering what she is asking for.


  1. SO WHAT DID YOU DO? What's your secret to sleep? Please do tell!

    Henry makes smacking sounds all the time. He's just figuring out how to make sounds with his tongue, and I think he's just playing with mouth sounds - perhaps that's what she's up to, too?

    Glad to hear you sound better - sleep is a wonderful thing (I vaguely remember.) Wishing you much more of it on a regular basis!

  2. Sleeping babies? I'm so jealous. Arg. Yeah, I bet Mimi is just learning to make sounds and enjoys the feel and sound of them. I used to practice silly sounds with Scout, and he loved it and tried to imitate.