Thursday, April 7, 2011

One Day More

We go to the UK tomorrow for 10 days. I haven't been 'home' for that long in over ten years. Clearly I am having tons of  reactions to this trip.

After I gave birth my parents told me they couldn't come over to see the little ones as planned because my mum had been diagnosed with a heart condition. My mum was clearly devastated and I promised  to bring them over when they got past 6 months old for a long stay.
I had envisioned a month over summer where we would rent a lovely holiday cottage with access to a pool. Long evenings in the garden with that wonderful summer feeling that only the UK can give me.

Well, it was way too frikkin expensive.

So, instead, we are going to a hotel with a pool and gym (yipeeeee).  The kids have bathing suits and swimming trunks - totally cute -  and my folks have begged borrowed or bought anything that moved and had baby association.

I'm so excited to see my folks (its been well over a year) and my nephew who is telling anyone that will listen that he is busy the next week being 'the big cousin'.
I am terrified of all the things that can go wrong.
I am eager to get out of NY for a little bit and to my beloved Yorkshire (the countryside is unbelievable). I jumping up and down with excitement about swimming and hiking with the kids.
I am totally PSYCHED that I will be out of work for a while
I'm all a flutter with anticipation of  real tea, my mums cooking, seeing my folks with their grandkids and of course my role being different - finally - in the dynamic of family (no longer the single daughter workaholic) and most of all just being able to hang out with my nutty  family.

I'm also worried about being so excited about a visit home since lets face it, families are hard.

So, my dear friends. As long as the doctor gives the kids the all clear to fly (yes, I am having them checked out!) wish my bon voyage and bon chance!

I'd love to hear how you handled the evolving role in your family. 


  1. Wow, can't believe the time is here! How thrilling - glad you've got things sort of organized for the trip. Lots of loving hands to help with things, you can buy whatever you forget if you really need to. Can't wait to hear all about it - babies in the pool are so great!

  2. Sounds like it will be a wonderful trip! I'm sure it's going to be challenging (I still can't figure out how families with kids do it getting through an airport) but so worth it. Wishing you smooth sailing and wonderful visit!

  3. Can't believe it's here already. I hope you guys have a wonderful trip and everything goes smoothly! I'm sure it will be a great time! xxoo

  4. Have an awesome trip and try to give us updates while you are away!

  5. Oh, have a smashing time! I'm excited for you! I don't have much advice except treat yourself well and enjoy being spoiled. Good luck on the trip- I assume you are flying to Manchester? We do and it is so much easier than bloody London!
    Sending love to Yorkshire.