Friday, April 1, 2011


Ask me, go on, ask me! YES! I slept. Most of the night I got two/three hour naps but then I slept very deeply  from 6am to 10am. Oh I am rejuvenated. Damn, sleep is better than sex.  Did I miss tons at work - yes. Do I care - no. 

Mimi is totally fine, no temp and eating her way through our baby food stash. 
She was sitting in her boppi chair, you know the ones, and her feet touch the floor! Pip has his legs sticking out but Mimi looks like a long string of lovely. I think she looks like a ballerina in the making but since her ma got kicked out of baby ballet for kicking a fellow baby ballerina I think the road ahead may be rocky.  

I have not yet had the conversation with DH but I shall over the weekend. Maybe a list, written out and displayed will be included. 

You should check out the TED talk Let's talk parenting taboos: Rufus Griscom + Alisa Volkman. love to hear what you think (


  1. Glad you got some sleep and Mimi is doing much better. I watched the Ted parenting taboo video. I liked Rufus and Alisa and the honesty. So my honest feedback: (1) I was in awe, was overwhelmed with emotion and was joyful when my son was born, but did not get hit by the Mack truck of love that instant, and love him more as time goes by; (2) yes, isolation, particularly the first 6 months; (3) yes, taboo on talking about m/c. So personal, so painful, can't really share with anyone but closest friends/family; (4) average happiness - well, I guess that diapers, bottles, laundry, poop, crying, lack of sleep, lack of time to care for myself AND a husband who frustrates me more than helps me, affects my *average* happiness, but the joy of my boy's smile is a huge upward spike! I seriously think I would feel much better (happier) if I could have one day a month to myself - go wine tasting in Napa, take a drive to Tahoe, curl up with a novel, nap in a hammock somewhere....just do the things that used to be average weekend activities for me.

  2. Just catching up on your blog - so busy around here! Glad to hear you got some restorative sleep. It's so necessary to function! let me know when you want to hang out with the twins. I'll come into the city and we can go for a stroller ride in Central Park or we can go to a museum with them, whatever. xxoo