Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Mimi has a  barking type cough. Its occasional and she's had it since she was born but its getting more present. A. thinks its part of a small cold. Of course we are off to the doctors tomorrow to check it out. She doesn't have a temperature nor is she lethargic. At the time of writing she is smacking her lips together to tell me in no uncertain terms to get her breakfast ready!!

Anyone else got a kiddie with a chronic cough?


  1. Yes, my youngest son has had a cough persistent since he was a newborn. Sometimes he would run fever with it and then we knew it was croup (the barking cough). Othertimes, it was present with no other symptoms, and he was eventually diagnosed with asthma - doesn't appear to be of the life-threatening variety - just the chronic cough, which has gotten better as he's grown (he's 5 1/2 now). He uses an inhaler for maintenance twice daily, but has never had "an episode" that required the rescue inhaler. I was upset about the diagnosis of asthma when he was 3, but came to terms with it, and for us, it hasn't been the scary asthma that we have read about.

  2. Hope everything checks out okay with Mimi when you see the doc. Of course "barky" cough always raises the pertussis red flag, but since she's had it since birth, likely not.

  3. My son never had a persistant cough, so I have no real advice. Seems like a good idea to get it checked out, at least then there will be a history at the doc's office. So scary when your little ones are sick and they can't talk to you...