Monday, April 11, 2011

Quick update from the UK

Well, we got here. Damn it was hard. Mimi was easy. She slept all the way over and barely cried (infact she slept through assent and decent). Even when she was awake she just played quietly.

It was harder for Pip.  He screamed the house down when we got on the plane. I did everything legal to try and soothe him. He started drinking a bottle on assent and projectile vomited all over me, himself and the chair. I pity the poor person flying back to the states.
He didn't scream on the way down at all.

He screamed on and off for 24 hours but seems to be getting better. His color has returned and he is eating and drinking.

We took them to the pool. Oh it was lovely. Pip was so happy in the water, really enjoyed himself. But, we can't go today coz he has a cough which is something to do with the formula I think.  I am switching him to the soy formula.

they are crying = how much milk should they be drinking?

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  1. Oh, poor little Pip, suffering the flight! (okay, poor you too!). Is his cough new? As for how much formula, I would just say offer them as much as they are willing to take at each feeding. If Pip vomits up a little milk, okay. If he vomits up what looks like the whole feeding, wait till he seems ready to take more - maybe it will be 30 minutes, maybe it will be 2 hours. I think the best indicator is that they are gaining weight.