Friday, April 22, 2011


We are home.

We had a great trip in as much as the grand folks met the grand kids and fell in mutual love. We got there and back with no major issues.

We are both still so wound up from the trip I feel like we are going to go mad. I am seriously depressed due to the sleepless nights. I prepared for the time change over there but not when we got back. The kids are up at 1am screaming and upset. I get to go back to bed at 6am.

This feels like we are at the beginning all over again. Have we undone all the sleep work???? How am I going to be able to work next week.

Pip was ill for most of the stay in the UK and screamed most nights. Just now, he screamed so much he threw up all over his crib. I am getting to the point where I can't take the noise. I walk away and hide. I put my fingers in my ears and rock!  I am so anxious and tired.

I feel like I should write about all the great things that happened but I just can't, not yet. There were many wonderful things and I'm sorry for such a downer post but I need your help. Am I in some kind of shock?

I need your help to climb out of this depression.

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