Wednesday, April 13, 2011

hell on wheels

Pip developed a cold, a heavy ass cold and was up for days. I was just at my wits end when I decided to take him in the local doctors. She was a typical young British doctor that did the perfunctory look-see but the good news is he wasn't seriously ill. I was a frikkin' wreck
My bother recommended something called calgo.l and it has worked like a dream. in 24 hours the little fella is much more like his self.

They aren't eating as much as I'd like but at least they are happy and enjoying their grandparents.

They are awake again.


  1. So glad Pip is okay...What's Calgo.l? Curious!
    When are you back in NYC? Hope the rest of the visit goes well!

  2. Is it Calpol? My friends over there swear by it, but you can't get it here. I would stock up while you get the chance!
    Glad all is well now:)

  3. Hope you get some nice rest - vacations have never been the same since I had D! Just more being "on call", but at least you're in lovely England. Maybe Pip had the beginnings of this cold during the flight - hopefully the way back will be easy!