Friday, April 15, 2011

Still here ....achoooooo!

We are still 'on holiday'  in the UK. I have Pip's cold, thanks sweetie. The kids are doing OK with the change in time although they don't sleep more than 3 hours at a time. I am thinking we may need to sleep train again when we get back HOME. Hoooooome.

Oh home. Changing table at a reasonable height. Stroller. My bed. NANNY. Routine.

For those that asked Cal.pol is a paracetamol based suspension and it is great for children with colds or ear infections. I felt so crappy the other night I dosed myself up and slept very well! We are dosing down as they say over here - little doses in the day, whopping maximum dose at night. Not that it gets him to sleep through the night but it does get him stoned enough that I can do the snot sucking thing.

Mimi is delightful. She grins and laughs and is always with her grandpa. Pip, being a bit of a trooper, is doing his best but how crap must he feel. Virus, time change, hotel, stressed out mum. He still laughs with me but at night he has the terrors - screaming for all he's worth.

Tomorrow, instead of spending the day with my folks we are going to a Georgian village with a roaring river to eat fish and chips and get some fresh air. Yipeeeeeee. A real holiday day, as it were.

We are back in NYC on Wednesday lunchtime.  4 days and counting to sushi.

One thing is for sure. Any vacation we take from now on will be a walk in the park compared to this marathon!!


  1. Just think of all the wonderful memories you're creating (right?) and I'm sure your family is delighted to meet the kids. But,yeah, no place like home.

  2. Hope you're back all safe and sound, and the return trip much less traumatic! Looking forward to the blow by blow.