Thursday, March 31, 2011

way past over tired

Mimi was/is sick and so I was up all night. Temperature, vomit and,  I think,  teething. I was supposed to be up at 4.30am to go to Boston. At 2am I canceled my trip. No way was I leaving my little girl.
I did get some sleep today since I didn't go to Boston and Mimi is really doing well (still sick but doing OK) but I really need a nights uninterrupted sleep.

I wish DH would step up. I asked him to look after the kids this evening and he's acting like he got kicked in the nuts. All I am asking is for him to look after sleeping kids from 6- 10! They are asleep!!!!

I'm biting my tongue.

 But why? Why don't I just let fly, say what's bugging me? Why do I hold onto all this?

What do you do?



  1. It depends if your expectation is that you are co-parenting or not. If it is, then, like any other marriage related discussion, you both need to come to the table to discuss what that means. You being sleep deprived doesn't help anyone, and, to the contrary, generally makes things not run as smoothly.

    You need to ask for what you want. These are his children, too. And, if he balks or sulks, well, he needs to man up and that's on him anyway.

  2. I often say what I think in the moment, but I have learned in the last few years to pick my battles. When I do ask for what I need, and he acts like he got kicked in the nuts, I just ignore it and try not to internalize it - he can be a suck all he wants as long as he does the task at hand.
    (Hugs) Sounds like you've had a rough day - hope you've made yourself a nice cuppa and are cozy in bed.

  3. I bite my tongue too. I guess I'd rather he just do it - huffing and puffing and acting like he's building a railroad on the chain gang - than add an argument on top of it. But I absolutely know the feeling and the frustration. DH would rather do ANYTHING than be "stuck" taking care of the baby for more than 10 minutes. And he'll find something *urgent* he has to do so that I have to take the kid back (pee, take out the trash, feed the dogs, something). Grrrr.