Monday, March 28, 2011

signing ala moi

BWUB has a great post about how her little dude is signing. I love the idea of signing, I really do but I am such a lazy arse that although I've bought the books, and the apps, and the DVD, I have yet to teach them a single real sign. I have made up a ton tho!!

We have a fake sign for sleep, tired, milk, poo (oh yes, poo) and Beethoven (don't ask).

they react tot he signs but they don't do them so I guess I still have time to do the real signs? What is the sign for  "I'm teething so make a pot of coffee coz you're not getting any shut eye tonight'???


  1. I think the sign for that is a tongue stuck out and thumbs in the ears with all fingers waving to and fro.

    Actually, lots of people make up their own signs and don't do "real" sign language. Remember, I started with Scout when he was 4 months old and he did NOTHING that even resembled paying attention (much less signing back) for many months. But don't miss my point - your babies ARE learning from you, even now. If you wave your hands like a conductor for Beethoven, and do it regularly, they will understand eventually (maybe even already) and will do it back one day. I say that if you like the signs you have, go with it and keep doing it. Perhaps changing at this point might be more of a confusion for the kids anyway. Keep us posted on the progress...they WILL surprise you one of these days!

  2. I like BWUB's sign for no sleep; I think the other sign would be a big, toothless grin!

    We did/do sign language with our boys. We started w/ a DVD when they were about 6-7 months old. They did nothing. But they liked the video :) After they were about 1 yo, they started doing some of the signs. "milk" mostly. I feel like when they got the sign for milk, it was a 'Helen Keller' moment: then they started soaking up the signs: mommy, daddy, more, etc. I love that they can at least tell me now what they want, but do they ever ask for Mommy or Daddy? Nope, they just point and grunt. Or better yet, hang on my legs. That gets our attention much better.

  3. We did the sign thing, but really we ended up only using (regularly) about 5-7 signs. That made a huge difference though, glad we did it. My guy was pretty verbal (and understandable) from an early age.

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