Saturday, March 19, 2011

nursing ... buh bye!

I have more energy and the freedom from pumping is intoxicating! Guilt? Lot less but it's still there. Lets face it, being a ma is gonna have its fair helping of guilt. 

So what are we doing with all this free time? Play date. We went to a twin play date. I loved it. It's great to see the kids interact (even if they were cuddlebugs for most of the date).  Getting two kids in and out of the cab was interesting. Lazy NY taxi drivers.  Feckers.  My little ones just stared at the big one year olds friends. We are a quiet family and we have quiet kids so these big kids, with all their chatting and laughing and yelling was a bit much for them! My friends kids are so lovely. They are social and active. We had a blast with the four little ones and one big one. 

The last few days, the weather has been glorious and I cannot wait till we get to poodle around without all the cold weather gear. 
Bring on the Spring!!

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