Saturday, March 5, 2011

It'll make you pee your pants

Thank you guys! I really love seeing new people. I checked out your profiles as I do with all new followers and I am honoured you would read this blab!! Jill, I knew you already but hell, it's good to see your name in there!! If there is anyone else that would like to make a sad old women very happy - please sign up and let me know there are readers out there ;-)

Saturday folks. HOT DAMN I love this day. DH is off work. We get the kids all day together which is lovely. And today I have a sectional rehearsal with the extremely talented choral director. He is amazing but being in such a small group is a bit nerve racking!!

I never endorse products (except Puj Tub) but I have to mentioned Baby Einstein. The guys have loved Beethoven since they were 4 months old but this morning they were like - ah seen it (a few hundred times) so I put on the first moves DVD. They love it. I love it. They are literally laughing up a storm!!
Our routine looks like this
5am - medicine
5.15 feeding (milk)
5.30 Baby Einstein
6.30 food (mush)
6.45 Exersaucers
(7am clean up puke on Exersaucers)
7.15 bath and nap.

How else could I possibly want to spend my morning :)

And finally - laughs for all. I defy you to try and not laugh.

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  1. I just had a moment to catch up on your blog. Sounds like you've got everything under control there! I feel better knowing your day starts at 5am I get so tired waking up every frickin day at 5 (sometimes before). When do they sleep later? haha I'm hoping they'll sleep until 6 when the clocks move forward next week. xxoo