Tuesday, March 15, 2011

time changing baby bonkers

Kids have gone bonkers since the time change. They eat at a different time, sleep at wacky hours. They are knackered when they get up. Very odd.  Not complaining about the later start to the day tho. Hell no.

Pip has changed again. He is not as unfathomable. He laughs and interacts much more. He is still my cuddle bug but likes to play with Mimi as much as possible. I am less worried by the day to be honest. He's just a passionate little guy, thats all.

We are starting to pack for the UK. I am very excited about taking these guys on a trip. If we can get the plane thing licked you won't see us for dust!!

OK. Crap day ahead so I am going to meditate with my (forbidden) Star$ for a moment longer before all hell breaks out.

Hi y'all, what's going with you??


  1. My son is sleeping shhh lol...Glad you are not worried now.

    take care

  2. Hi EB. My son is also wacky from the time change. Forget sleeping in late, though...he won't go to bed now until 9 pm! He used to go down by 7 pm right after dinner and a bottle. Now he finishes the bottle, looks up at me, says a few words (like "ba") and then arches his back to get down off my lap. We wiggle and play and read books until he is wiped out and finally willing to go to sleep. NINE pm. Bleah.

    I saw your prior post about Pip not behaving the same as Mimi. Have you talked to your pediatrician about it? Probably just variation from baby to baby, but might put your mind at ease.