Sunday, March 13, 2011

time changes

I think its time to quit breastfeeding. They usually get shot in the morning and one at night. Yet lately I've not been into it, always finding a reason to dump. Mostly good reasons - sleeping pills, cold medication etc.

There seems to be globs of guilt about this decision. Will my kids get cold after cold, ear infections etc? What about my pledge to keep going for one year.

Part of the reasoning is work. I have about 20 flights in 10 days. Even if I did pump we wouldn't be in the same time zone! When home I have to give it a few days coz of the 'what day/city/time is it?'  sleeping pills.

I guess with work ramping up, the kids learning to be more animated and more active and the crappy body issues currently occupying my time I seem to be overwhelmed. Pip still worries me although I am relieved to report that between the nanny and I we have got the little chap to take weight on his legs.  His behavior is still odd. Maybe not for a baby?! He makes really loud screeching/yelling noises occasionally. Tell me to chill out and stop being so stupid.

Thank you to those folks that posted - it was really helpful.

Oh and on the amazing but true side: on Friday I had a the beginnings of a really heavy cold. I took Zica.m as directed, a ton of vit C and some night medication and woke up on Saturday symptom free!! Seriously - that stuff is like magic.

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