Tuesday, March 1, 2011

anxiety and bad mojo

I got the above, anxiety and what I can only describe as bad mojo feeling. I have had to spend way to much time with evil bitch at work and her cronies of hell and I am just totally icked out. At least I escape to one of my favorite cities in the US - Washington DC.

I keep dreaming of winning the lottery and all the things we could do. I would still start the play group/ nursery (thinking of calling it Little Berries and all the classes would be a fruit ... still makes me laugh) but it would be a meritocracy not based on financial ability and we'd hire really imaginative caretakers to run them.

Then I would start a nursery school called Love Lane Primary Education  (that was the name of my first school and I can't think of a better name). LLPE (see, its already an acronym) would be an arts school but that concentrates on different cultures to promote peaceful global citizenship. You know what, lets make that a k-12 school (Love Lane Educational Institute) . And while we are at it we can write a couple of undergrad courses on peace through the arts for universities.


Sounds good.


  1. Oh, I like that! Let's have some global peace for a while...or at least some tolerance :)

  2. Sign us up! What a great lottery winning idea! Sorry work bitchy mean girls suck and your mojo is feeling icky!

  3. I agree with you. Anxiety is really and I always trying to fight with it