Thursday, March 17, 2011

Remembering loss

Yesterday was a day trip to Chicago with a 3hr presentation. Now, from NY, thanks to the time differences this isn't too bad. I got up with the kids, had a cuddle and play around 6am, went to Chicago and back, and kissed them goodnight at 1030pm. OK,  so they weren't awake but it was still in the normal 'goodnight chickens' timing (before I go to bed I always go in, give each a kiss and say 'goodnight little chickens'. This is something my father did when we were kids).

Mimi got up at the regular time today and was tired but Pip slept till 740!!! WOWOWOWOW.  And when I picked him up I swear he was bigger. I'm relaxing on the big question about Pip. He has really great fine motor skills, intelligence (I can see him working complex things out:  I want to turn over ma's necklace so if I do this, then this ... ah done!) and his sounds are simply enthusiasm.

What is this turn around I hear you ask?

Yesterday I met an old friend. I haven't seen her in a year. A year ago one of twin  baby daughter's died at 3 yrs old from epilepsy. S has been out of the office for most of the time since then and this was the first time I got to see her, face to face. She looks almost exactly the same - high heels, amazing hair, wonderful makeup and the latest fashions. Except her fire has gone out. She is enthusiastic but her spark, her fire, her something has gone.

On the way home I thought about S and her family. Then I pondered about mine. I resolved to stop looking for problems and revel in their uniqueness. 

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  1. No, I cannot possibly imagine that kind of loss. I don't WANT to imagine it because just imagining it I might not recover. How very, very tragic. Yes, let us live in the moment. Now I need to go hug my baby.