Wednesday, March 30, 2011

over tired.

I am so sick of being overtired.  Mimi is teething again, I think, and so for the past two nights I've had a tiny amount of sleep. Add to that the traveling and you have one depressed and wiped out women.
At least the travel is over soon. I have one more flight in this section (Boston, tomorrow) and then I am done. YEEEEHHAAAA!! I must have logged about 50 thousand domestic miles this month. Thats about 45 thousand too many in my book.

I am thinking about changing jobs. I love my job but there is an element of survival that I used to thrive on and now ... eh, not so much. Not with two little perfect beings at home. I'd like to come to work and have my days and weeks planned for me - oh its April so I am on the X job.
Maybe I will sit tight till I come back from my holiday (two weeks and counting).

Here's my moment of zen for today. Pip is teething - that's not the moment of zen since yeah, that makes 2 kids teething. So this morning he was crying instead of napping and I decided we should have a cuddle in 'the big bed'. I'm a fat women and as such I have never NEVER allowed myself to sleep with either kid in our bed for fear of hurting them. However, I do love my big bed cuddles with the pumpkins although to be honest, they don't happen all that often.
With Pip, who is an electronics nut, I play some baby stuff I have on my iphone which he adores and we snuggle. Ohhhh man. It is so cool. With Mimi we play where's my tum!! She giggles like she's fit to bust.

Is there anything more lovely than starting your day with big bed cuddles. I think not. 


  1. Couldn't agree more - big bed cuddles are the Best. Hope the teething monster gives you a break soon.

  2. I bought my 4 yr old son some new summer clothes yesterday and they were still sitting on the chair where I debuted them to him last night when he got up this morning. He handled each shirt and the shorts and then threw his arms around me and said, "Mommy, you're the best" and I swear, it makes me teary to just recall how lovely it was.

  3. I totally agree...big bed cuddles in the morning are the best way to start the day. Sleepy baby, warm cheeks, snuggly and warm...mmmmm.