Saturday, March 26, 2011


Just had one. Big teary, snotty heaving sob type of meltdown.

Work = nightmare.  I am working all the time. Yesterday for example I was working till 11pm last night and up at 5 with babies and to continue working.  Been to San Fran, LA, Dallas, Chicago and Atlanta in the last two weeks and tomorrow I go back to SF and then Boston on Thursday

Friend from hell came a visiting. I really must divorce her. She came at 10 left at 2.30 and did nothing but talked about her sorry ass life. AHHHHHHH.

TEETHING HELL. Poor Pip is in teething hell and with him ...  the rest of us. Neither one took a nap today which is unheard of. So, needless to say, when the witching hour came  and they had total screaming fits I couldn't really cope.

DH has been amazing. Thank all that is there for DH. Operation GTFU - abandoned due to non necessity. 


  1. First, I am so glad that your husband has stepped up and stepped in. Is there any way he can help with the early morning wakings especially on days when you have to travel?

    That is a lot of travel for a new mom and I am sure the grind of it (not to mention the being away) is grueling. Not sure what to offer other than is there a way to lighten your load at work? Anyone else to delegate to? Is this a finite issue or one that will continue? What do you want your quality of life to be?

  2. You were SO deserving of a meltdown. All that travel upsets your own internal clock, then add crying/teething/awake babies on top of it and I don't know how you manage to keep going. Any way to work a tranquil spa day into all of this somewhere?

  3. Sometimes it just helps to let off a bit of steam. Hopefully this is not an ongoing stress at work. So proud of DH for steppin up! NOT that he should do anything less, but still.