Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fat arse and not groovin' ... HELP!!!

OK, I am really really fat. I have more fat on my body than every before in my life and I am not losing it. I am not even trying. I have 90 pounds to shed and I am going, if you can believe this, in the wrong frikkin direction.

What can I do? What did you do? I need your inspiration and ideas here folks.

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  1. Categorically and without hesitation your best bet for a long term weight loss solution and lifestyle is Weight Watchers. If you can afford the $39.99/mo to attend weekly meetings (which is the accountability portion of the program) you'll get their e-tools, too which makes working the lifestyle abundantly easier. I started for the first time in June and am down almost 30 pounds (and 17.5 inches) with 30 more to go. I am a previous phen-fen user, Atkins and South Beach dieter and those are both short terms solutions to a long term problem.

    Once you commit to losing the weight and if you need a program that allows you to life your best life, run, don't walk, to a Weight Watchers location near you.