Thursday, December 23, 2010

Period. Full stop. And stuff

I got one. A period. I wondered what all the bloating and cramps was about. Well, I found out this morning. It was kinda weird to see my period again. After all, I have hated the sight of it for so long.  The BFN'ness of my period was the absolute worst evidence.
Somehow, today,  it was reassuring. Something familiar. Even the cramps and that soft skin feeling I get was groovy. Since I am officially working from home till January 3rd I slept for most of the morning. BLISS!!! Then I pottered down to Union Square to the Christmas market and got a really frikkin' expensive hot chocolate.

Both went to the peds for their 4 month check. Pip put on two pounds (phew) and Mimi put on one. She is tall (75%) and he is still small  (3%). I couldn't care less. They are healthy and happy and eating and pooping and learning and as of last night ... very close to sleeping through the night. They got four injections and I think all the screaming and drugs and drama helped.

Since little Mimi slept all thru the night,  when I was cuddling her this afternoon and she fell asleep I just let her be (in our sleep training method the idea is to soothe to drowsy then put down to sleep). Man cuddling  a sleeping kiddy. Oh joy without name. A very cute, very sleepy cuddle bug and she's all mine. I can see why going from family bed to crib is such a hard route. The nanny knew I should be working and came to take her from me ... oh no you don't. She laughed and backed off.

So, looks like another slice of old and new are coming together. New new. New life.


  1. So glad the sleep training seems to be working for you. It has been a constant give and take with my two. :) Four months is so lovely, isn't it? Babes are so chubby and animated at that age! Glad you sound so content.

  2. Hey, thank you so much for commenting. Your wound opened? Can you share? I'm feeling like I'm the only person on the planet this has happened to. I don't recall you posting about it. How did it go? And you have the weird numbness thing? Wow! (I'm far less concerned about that as I consider it annoying but it doesn't keep me up at night with worry)

    Anything you can share would be awesome! Thank you so much.