Thursday, December 2, 2010

Concert week

Tonight is a 5 hour rehearsal for the Christmas Concert I sing in every year. Its a big choir and a very high standard. We've been rehearsing every Tuesday since September. Well, I am a total faker this year. I sometimes know what the notes are and.. well sometimes not so much. 

This year I told DH if he didn't want to come he didn't have to. He isn't coming. Operation GTFU is off to a rocky start!! That having been said he did put his breakfast stuff in the dishwasher this morning proving that he does know it exists.

I have noticed that since having the kids I dislike pressure outside the home. I used to love practicing my music early in the morning or late at night.   I used to thrive on madness but today I am behind closed doors hoping no-one comes in with yet another f**king emergency. I want to go home, put my jeans on, wrap the kids up in the stroller and go to the park. Or have a really long nap!

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  1. Yeah, the old "you don't have to come" deal always means they won't come! Guys seriously don't think they have any obligation to come, and if they did you just "released" them from it by saying that. *sigh* But it may be for the best since either bringing the twins of having a sitter might be more stressful for you...and you want to enjoy being in the mass of sound even if you are "faking"! What are you singing this time?
    Good luck!