Sunday, December 19, 2010

A glimpse into the future

There I was, ready to move to the next level - extinguish sleeping. We have gone through calming sleep technique where we help the babies learn to put themselves to sleep. Now, they nap like champions and as soon as we do the bath, bottle, book they are so ready to be left alone in peace to sleep.
They sleep from 6pm to 2am. After that there are cries for pacifiers (damn you binky!!) and Pip usually needs a middle of the night feed

Well, last night we gave them a 10 pm feed (yes, we awoke a sleeping baby) and put them down. I went to bed ready to be up from 2am listening to them screaming their little heads off.

I was woken up by the baby monitor conveying much unpleasantness at 330am. I went in and absent mindedly popped in a binky. The noise stopped.

It didn't start again till 6am this morning. 6am. PEOPLE 6 frikkin am!!!!!!!!!

Whooohooooooooo!!!!! I was asleep for 5 straight hours (in a bed no less, not a plane or airport lounge)  and then back in bed for another 3hr!! I feel like a different person today. I'm sure it was just luck and I will indeed have to sit through hours of blood curdling screaming in the wee hours but it gave me an amazing glimpse into the future. A future where mum and dad go to bed and stay there. A future where well rested babies are up and about with the sun, not the moon. Oh I am excited about this sleep training thing.

I have three more days left at work and then I am home for the holidays.  The great thing about working with total sleep deprivation is that when I get to stay home, it's a breeze!!

Think I am going to break out the christmas coffee recipe - beans covered with a light sprinkling of cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg to celebrate.


  1. Your babies are sleep champions! What book or method are you using? Have a great Christmas and enjoy your time off with your little darlings!

  2. Ooooooh! Please talk - in great detail! - about your sleep training methods!!! I'm having such a hard time getting Henry to soothe himself, and while I don't mind comforting him to sleep, comforting him BACK to sleep every hour or so during naps is starting to get, um, tiring.

    What's your secret?

  3. So glad you got some solid sleep! I can only imagine what this feels like, but I imagine it feels sometimes like it will never end; like they'll never move beyond waking up in the middle of the night. But, it's great that you've seen a glimpse of the future! Hang in there!