Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last and Final Twins and Marriage

I waited for Clooney to call and he didn't so I decided to go ahead and speak with DH about 'the list'.
I got a weekly planner thing and he agreed to commit to contributing.  I wrote down the very basics that we need to get done everyday on a planner and asked him to take 50%. He agreed.
Then he said that he doesn't read planners and would forget.

You have to laugh.

Or spear him with my Jimmy Choo's since they no longer fit my flipper-sized-post-pregnancy feet.

I will persevere. I will grow a man so my baby boy becomes the kind of partner we all want! It sounds like I am building the six million dollar man. We will rebuild him.

Project 'Grow the F+ck Up' is on!! (hereafter referred to as PGFU)


  1. I love it. You crack me up. At first I thought, wow, he's really agreed to do 50%?! But then he found the loop-hole: forgetfulness. Of course. Men are so prone to forgetting that the overflowing garbage can two feet in front of them, which smells like last night's onions, needs to be taken out.

    I guess for each day, you could write his 50% on a sticky note and slap it on his forehead first thing in the morning.

    I can't wait to follow PGFU as it evolves. Hopefully he will too!

  2. I hope you feel lighter for having had a dialogue with your husband. Now it is up to you to inspect what you expect as that is the only way to build new habits (and especially in the forgetful).

    I'm looking forward to his progress (and, hopefully, your surprise and relief).

  3. Love the loophole!! We have that here too - but I think it is definately worth the fight NOW. We celebrate our 10 year anniversary this year and I'm so frustrated by his complete cluelessness. Good luck with the list!