Saturday, December 18, 2010

Blow me down with a feather!

Well, hell women, with all that support I will totally hang around! If I know folks are getting something from my ramblings then it doesn't feel quite so pretentious!

OK .... on to Operations GTFU:  Field Report 2.
Kids are still not sleep trained in my opinion. According to the book they are. They can sleep for 7-8 hours straight from 6pm. Then they fuss and I have to get up every hour or so. With a full time job and no night sleep (I racked up 60 hours at work alone) I am a bit knackered.

So I went to bed at 7am this morning and Cadet DH was to look after the little ones. I had already bathed and fed them. They were to have 2 hours of play time - takes us to 9am. Then 2 hour nap - 11am. I got up at 10.30am to shower and get ready for a bottle feed and the morning outing.
Had the kids napped?


I finally got the totally exhausted little buggers to sleep at 12.30pm. I hope they sleep for 2 hours and then we shall go out.

Following schedule: Grade - C-

Feeding ability: Did he bathe the children in the milk in the hopes that they would just suck some up??
Grade D -

Playing with kids: when he remembers, funny and engaging daddy

Grade B-

Cleaning up after kids.

ha ha ha ha ha . Knickers does he.

It stuns me that I am still able to love this confused but well intentioned cadet!!!


  1. Sorry I didn't comment on your last post. I barely get on my puter so it's all I phone and not the easiest for commenting. I love your blog, your POV, the fact that you're English like me ( selfish I know!), that you have a feisty spirit. Do what you need to make it more current but I'll be here as long as I'm reading blogs. I love the updates on operation GTFU. I'm taking it your husband doesn't read your blog?!

  2. At least you have a trusted person there so you CAN sleep! Even if he DOES NOT follow directions. Did you write the directions down? Perhaps written instructions carry more weight? HAHAHA. Boyz are here to make us crazy. Hope tomorrow is easier!