Saturday, December 4, 2010

Operation GTFU

RE: Field report: 1.
GEO: Deepest darkest parenthood (eastern seaboard)
Time: 21 hours

All is going remarkably well. DH tended to the children on his own for 4 hours today (I was singing in my concert) He pushed the buggy, he cleared up, he ordered diner, he cleaned up and he went out to get me ice cream as a treat.
And I got wonderful foot rubs and head rubs.

OMG I love this man!!!!!! He is getting up at 6am so I can sleep for a couple hours before looking after the kids all day tomorrow. They are getting really good at the feeding thing - they feed at 8-10 and then not again for about 6 hours. Mimi can go for 12 hours. They still fuss though. So I will be up from about 3am. An hour and half deep sleep will really help tomorrow.

How cool is my man. And my kids who are laughing up a storm these days. In between the screaming and hissy fits!! So today that is me... Miss Happy


  1. Operation GTFU is off to a great start! I have expressly told my DH I would like for him to get the baby up in the morning on ONE weekend day each week so I can sleep just a little longer. Hasn't happened yet. AND you got foot and head rubs? Sooooo jealous over here.