Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The best of who we are.

This week has royally sucked. Two dear bloggie friends have suffered unimaginable loss and my heart was wrenched in two by their experiences. Both are graceful, amazing women that ought to be celebrated as the best of who we are.
On a personal note, work was awful. Lots and lots of the wrong kind of stress. Long days where I kiss my kids as they sleep in the morning and return home to stand gazing at them,  wondering if they have missed not seeing me at all. But I have kids. And they are safe. And I am so grateful for every second of that.

Today was better. Now its time to grab a few hours sleep before I go away on another f**cking business trip.


  1. Oh, EB, it has been such an awful week - I feel so helpless to see such heart-wrenching times like this I feel like our whole community weeps in unison.

    Your road isn't an easy one right now and you may not feel like it, but you are doing amazingly despite it all - I'm sorry you don't get to see your babies enough during the day. You are coping so well. Take care of you.


  2. Hi EB -- thank you so much for all your kindness over the past few days.

    You know, I think your blog is the first I ever read---back before I knew what a blog was. I remember coming to it from the ivfconnections boards when we were cycling together back in early 2009 or so. You've had such an amazing journey to where you are now, twins, for heaven's sake. I can't imagine all the work stress. You are clearly very good at what you do, but I'm sure that keeping up with it is really a pain. And, for certain, business travel sucks under any circumstance. I admire how you always seem to come to a perspective on all this -- your babies know you love them, they love you best of all, providing a secure home for them is important, fulfilling your own potential also is, the work stress and bs is just that and you keep it where it belongs. That's a ramble. I'm thinking of you, hoping your trip goes well and that you get some good daylight hours with your little ones soon.