Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Better than s3x

I was reading that to transition to full time care the nanny should come in for 3 hours daily for a week so the kids can get used to her. Today our nanny started part time. I finally went through the HUGE pile of papers that needed responding to, paying and filing. Then, oh then, we went to bed. No, not for nookie. To sleep. We cuddled up, I on my side for the first time since my second trimester, snuggled into my husbands shoulder, wrapped in his arms. I slept for 2 solid hours. It was way better than nookie.


Our nanny is amazing, we are so lucky. Within moments of her arrival both kids were swaddled and asleep. She fed BOTH in 30 mins and had them asleep ten mins later. It takes me one hour.

I feel like a spoiled New Yorker with all the help we have but with my opened c-section, the nerve damage I got from the delivery (haven't told that story yet) and the infections (picked up a URI and of course, the wound) I am run the f+ck down. I had a meltdown last night (again) because all I wanted was some TLC and sleep. Ahh, such a delicate flower. I feel refreshed and happy now.

To all the moms out there that have to do all this on their own, with no help, I am in awe of you. You are, without doubt, the unsung hero's our societies.


  1. Do you remember a while back when you went to watch your friend's infant twins so that she could get a nap? You wanted to take her a gift and wondered what to get for her. I said that your caring for her babies so she could nap IS the gift. And a wonderful gift at that.

    Now you know!

    Don't apologize for being able to have help. It's awesome. I'm glad you're taking full advantage. The snuggle nap with DH sounds wonderful.

    I don't know about being a hero...but I do believe I am a poopy diaper princess!

  2. You should revel in the fact you CAN have help - this is why families used to live in big groups! It is crazy to do it alone; and nowadays that is the norm - no wonder us moms are going insane. Hope the nanny induced rest helps and you heal quickly.

  3. I absolutely agree that when one is sleep deprived (for whatever reason) a solid nap or uninterrupted sleep is WAY better than nookie (such a quaint word!).

    Take full advantage of the help. We didn't have anyone and I was a crazed emotional lunatic after my c-section and hormone crash (and I had a singleton). I would BUY all the help we could afford if we could have a do-over!

  4. Enjoy every moment and don't feel less of a mom because up need help. You are going to get through all these rough patches. Remember the big picture and all you had to go through and it is all worth it. Hang in there, we are all rooting for you!!