Monday, September 27, 2010

Issue #1, resolved.

I asked the nanny what she said /meant and it turns out DH interpreted her comments to fit his own agenda. He is a lazy ass and doesn't want to pick them up, find out what's wrong and solve it. She suggested letting them cry for a moment or two to learn what the cries meant. Apparently when she arrived, they were both screaming and he was frantically trying to plug them up with pacifiers when they weren't tired but hungry.

However, I did get lots of great ideas from you guys and have decided to get the books you recommended.

This is my last week of maternity leave. DAMN my two months went quickly. I am 'phasing' back to work - part time and restricted hours but that doesn't mean too much if there is a problem. November kicks in with a high voltage start - tons of travel and massive meetings. I am already a little nervous about the whole thing. So, until then, I shall ignore work and enjoy my kids, free time (once the nanny gets here) and day time tv!!

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