Thursday, September 23, 2010


I was trying to feed both kids at once today (to satisfy them, not me) and must have pushed the bottle a little too forcefully for boy since he looked at me and vomited all over me! I am desperate to keep them on the same schedule but they are such different creatures.

Double feedings are so hard on your own. They are desperately hard when one is a gobbler and the other is puker. I am dreading working again and then having to navigate the nights with two babies. One of them is up to 4 hours but the other - not so much. So, do we encourage little girl to sleep for 4 hours or wake her so they keep on the same schedule. She eats a lot but quickly and he eats less and slowly. Whatever we decide I am guessing we are going to be getting no so much sleep! I guess, like all new parents, sleep training is my Nirvana, my goal of goals!

I have had a sore throat since giving birth. Nothing too harsh but annoying all the same. Today, at my wound check appointment, the I asked the doctor for a thyroid test. We shall see.


  1. I am having the same problem. She eats fast and he eats slowly, has reflux and spits up a lot. I don't have them on the same schedule because feeding them at the same time while I'm alone is just not good for them. I can't burp either one properly and they get upset when the bottle is taken away to burp the other twin. We are still demand feeding at almost 11 weeks, but DH stays up all night with them. It's not the best situation, but I'm hoping they'll sleep 4-5 hrs at night soon and he'll be able to get some sleep. Good luck!

  2. I would say try your best to keep them on the same schedule and what i mean by that is when your alone, I found at this age it was impossible to feed at the same time so I fed them one right after the other. I would say feed your fast eater first unless your son is really fussing and then feed the slow eater. We found my son was much more patient so he would usually eat 2nd. We woke them both up at night until we realized my son would sleep the night and she would still get up once and then one magic day she sleep the whole night too!

    Hang in there Mom, I promise it will get better and you will look back and wonder if it really was as bad as you thought!

  3. Keep them within 30 or so minutes of each other. Eventualy this will pay off and routine is good for everyone. Speaking from experience of course!

  4. No help from me...I can't imagine trying to juggle two feeding schedules. But I AM totally impressed you have your itty girl on a 4-hour schedule already! My big boy still doesn't like to go 4 hours.

    Hope the thyroid is okay.