Thursday, September 16, 2010

Out and about

Yesterday was another day of wonder and achievement. First of all, I was checking my email when my dad skyped me. It was great. The grandparents got to see the grandkids and they weren't covered in puke. Neither was I come to think of it.

Then I decided that it would be healthy to walk to the hospital (for my wound check appointment). I used to be fit. Remember that women. The weight lifting, gym going chick. Well, I am a flabby hephalump. I put on 40 pounds baby weight and 40 pounds of edema. So far I have taken off 50 pounds. And I am sort of breastfeeding.

Anyhoo. I gave myself 2 hours to walk the 40 blocks. I could normally, well, before kids and 9 months of not exercising, have got there in less than 30 mins. It took me an hour and half. However, I was pushing the stroller and kids so I think that isn't too bad. We had a spot of lunch nr the hospital. I was thinking of walking back but it got cold so I did another first. We took a cab home. I got the car seats off the stroller and then packed it up and popped in the boot. So easy! And I was terrified of doing it for some reason.

Well, now the sky is the limit. I can get me, the kids and the stroller anywhere. I can even take the stroller onto a plane. I might start planning a trip to see my folks for after Christmas.

Best thing of all. The kids were tuckered out. They fed, burped, looked at me and fell fast asleep. Whooooppeeeeeee. I have a secret weapon.


  1. I don't know why other Moms don't tell us about the secret weapon of taking the kids out in the stroller....

    I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day and got to feel (a little bit) independent again!!

  2. That is great - those first moments of independence are wonderful! I think you can suddenly envision a life beyond poopy diapers again, and it really IS possible! I took D EVERYWHERE, and even with two I know you'll manage just fine. Glad the stroller/seat thing worked the way it was supposed to!

  3. You really are a champ! Good for you! Love the secret weapon!

  4. Wonderful...good to see a relaxed post. If you can make it to this point, I know I can too. Always learning from you.

  5. That was a LONG walk, lady! Wow. I too was scared and nervous the first time I had to "do" the whole stroller-and-car thing. I took the baby to the park and I think I was afraid to be embarrassed if I was unable to assemble the thing and juggle my kid at the same time. In fact, I did fumble a bit. I was sure people were staring and thinking, "What kind of mom are you?" But I guess the answer would be, "A new one." Anyway, you're a pro now and I think a trip across the pond to show off your two sweeties would be grand! (and don't mind me if I say you should rub it in your sister's face a bit).

  6. wow - fantastic day! I'm so happy for your new-found confindence! Keep up the great work mom~!