Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The kids got their first shots yesterday - the HepB. According to the doc there shouldn't be a reaction but baby girl is hot. She doesn't have a temperature (at the moment) but she is hot. I do have the nanny helping me today but I'm still worried. She has hardly slept and is super cranky. The kid, not the nanny.

I am also having a hard time giving over the wheel to the nanny. I sound like a spoilt idiot (oh I have a nanny, whaaaaa) but I am a control freak. And they are my kids! The nanny is really great - she is calm and experienced and has been the caretaker of many, many kids. But these are my kids. My little wonders. Oh man. I need to calm down. CALM DOWN YOU CRAZY NEW YORK WOMEN.

Maybe some of this anxiety is that fact that I go back to work oh so soon. Huh. Feeling not so happy today.


  1. Hi EB -- gosh, I remember being so worried when Liam got his shots; it is really stressful. Ask your doc (or your nanny!), but what I remember is that he was uncomfortable for the rest of the day and fussy, and as my doctor recommended we gave him baby Tylenol. He was really small (6.5 lbs or something), so we had to get the proper dose from the doc, and it was a tiny dose, but it made him, and me feel better. We're not big medication givers at my house, but I do give Tylenol, our ped. say that given as directed it is perfectly safe for all (nonallergic) kids. Jeeze, I sound like an ad. It might be worth an ask though. Hang in there -- even on the not so happy days it sounds like you're doing a great job! With love,

  2. I second Elizabeth's comment. We are not big medicine givers in this household, but we did give the boys Tylenol and it seemed to help.

  3. Sorry I've been MIA - we have teething going on in our house. Cranky/crying baby and cranky mama who wants to cry!

    On sleep training: Good for you for getting this started so early! I hadn't even heard of it till my baby was a bit older. You're whole family will be better off for it!

    On mornings: My little guy got me up at 4:30 am this morning and neither of us napped today. I can see how you might put the butter in the dishwasher!

    On hot baby: I hope she is doing okay. In the hospital when we wanted to lower body temperature, we'd put cool, wet cloths (not too cold) in key spots where arteries run close to the skin to help cool the core - groin, neck, inner elbow, behind the knees, wrists. Rinse and change frequently. Also baby motrin.

    BTW, overall these days you sound wonderful and happier than I've heard you sound in a year and a half! :)