Monday, September 6, 2010

Ohhh ok.

Captains Log. Day 2.

The creatures have no logic. What works to calm one moment does not work the next. I am trying to work out the alien communication patterns - screaming and crying for no reason seems to be most popular.

They expel waste products at alarming rates. The male creature pooped so much this morning it escaped the protective wrap we devised to contain it. It went EvERYWHERE! I am trying to work out if this was a declaration of war. Or too much milk in the night.

They also change their forms at an alarming rate. The tall one is now growing sideways and the little one is not so little. Over a period of 6 hours he grew at an alarming rate, even after releasing all that waste material

The creatures have a way of mind reading. If I need a bio-break, they start screaming (maybe to alert each other, maybe others like them?), if I am hungry they go red in the face and release a HUGE amount of waste product. They have many distractions and use them very carefully and to great effect. Yesterday I ate at 6am and then not again until late at night when the relief crew arrived.

Ahhh the big one has started screaming again and the cat has joined in. Must. sign. off.


  1. :) Lol..hysterical.

  2. They are newborns (sort of). Crying is their only way of communicating. I hope you did nor expect smiles and cooing and sleeping through the night at this age, right?
    Lots of poop an pee is good - it means he gets enough to eat.

  3. Thanks for the laugh, i remember those days, although i'm still living them just in an 8 month old way!!!

  4. I love that you still have your sense of humor.

    My Bunny STILL manages to poop out one end or the other of his diaper with regularity. Why diapers don't actually contain that crap (pun intended) is beyond me.

    I think they cry a lot more as newborns, and then calm down after a couple of months. But, oh yeah, the lack of time to eat played a huge role in my post-partum weight loss!

    Hang in there, mum! With a little help and that sense of humor, it's going to be just fine!

  5. When the poop is exploding I remind myself that a constipated baby is a very, very bad thing. You're doing great!