Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feeling .. better

Thank you all. Yesterday was a toughie - screaming babies, yelling mum then tearful mum coz she yelled. Poor DH walked through the door and I burst into tears. Meanwhile he had gone to my favourite jewelry store to get me a little necklace pendant the says "mom" on it. He sheepishly said "Happy Birthday" and I cried even more.

After I cried I felt fine - so at least I know its lots of hormone and not just me being crap. Today was much better. We went for a long walk, even went to a bookstore - ohhh social life - and tonight they did me a huge favor and settled after the 5pm feed without too much screaming. Bless them. I have even done the washing today. I love it when I get things done that seem impossible at 6am when there is screaming and poo and tiredness.

Isn't it funny how the things I accomplish as a mum (and as an amateur musician) may be small victories in the big scheme of things and yet they bring me such joy and without a penny changing hands.


  1. Hopefully (and likely) there will be daily improvement. It might not be linear (meaning every day might not be incrementally better than the last) but over a week there should be improvement and progress.

    You ARE doing it!

  2. Today sounds like the best birthday gift ever. ((Hugs))

  3. wow - I know the feeling! 6 am is a bitch. I start at 4:30 - 5am and I'm a wreck until about 8 or 9 am when the nanny gets here. You should get some part time day help - it makes a big difference. xxoo